Do’s and Don’ts for Back to School Shoe Shopping


At Pasco-Hernando Foot & Ankle, we know that the new school year usually means new school shoes. The footwear you choose for your child can help keep young feet healthy and protect them from foot and ankle injuries. Below are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when shopping for new shoes for your children.

Do: get your child’s feet checked at our Spring Hill (352 683-5799) or Hudson (727-868-2128) office to be sure there are no podiatric problems. This is especially important if your child has an ongoing foot or ankle condition or has sustained an injury recently. Our podiatrist, Dr. Lawrence J. Kales, can recommend shoe styles that will best accommodate your child’s feet.

Do: shop for shoes at the end of the day. This is when your child’s feet will be their largest and most swollen.

Don’t: forget to bring the type of socks your child will be wearing with the shoes you are purchasing. If he or she has a custom orthotic device, that should be brought as well to try on with the shoes you are considering.

Do: get your child’s foot professionally measured. If one foot is larger than the other (which is not unusual), be sure the shoes you pick fit the larger foot.

Do: be sure that there is at least ½ inch of room (about the width of your thumb) between the tip of your child’s longest toe and the top of the shoes. Also, check that the heel fits snugly.

Do: buy sports shoes if your child is on a team and serious about their sport. Today’s sports shoes are designed to accommodate the motion of the foot required by specific sports.

Don’t: buy a shoe without your child trying them on. Even with getting a professional measurement, different brands may be sized slightly differently. The only way to know for sure that shoes are comfortable is by trying on both shoes and walking around for a while in the store.

Your child’s shoes are an important investment in their podiatric health. If you have questions about the right kinds of shoes to buy, contact us.