3 Summer Foot Problems for Children


The lazy, hazy days of summer mean more free time for children once school is out, but it can also mean more risks to their podiatric health. At Pasco-Hernando Foot & Ankle, we want your children to enjoy the summer safely. Below are three common foot and ankle problems we see more frequently in children during the summer months and ways to prevent them.

  1. Injuries—it’s a good thing if your children are running around and playing more actively during the summer for sure. It does, however, increase the chances of an ankle sprain or other foot injury. The best way to prevent podiatric injuries is to be sure that your child wears the right shoes for each activity he or she participates in. Cuts and sprains are often seen in children who were wearing flip-flops to play a sport or running games. Make sneakers their daily go-to shoe and save the flip-flops and sandals for pool days and other less active events.

  2. Infections—it’s natural for children to want to go barefoot, but it’s also a good way to catch a bacterial or fungal infection like fungal toenails, athlete’s foot or plantar warts. You can take steps to protect your child’s feet from these conditions:

    • Keep their feet covered with flip-flops or shower shoes in public places like town pools, changing areas or rest rooms at lakes and beaches, nail salons and gyms.

    • Teach your children not to share towels, shoes, socks and other items that touch other people’s feet.

  3. Ingrown toenails—bare feet may also give your child more opportunity to pick at their toenails and this can lead to a painful ingrown nail. Another reason we see ingrown nails is children outgrowing their shoes over the summer. Shoes (or socks) that are too tight squeeze toes together and can encourage ingrown nails. Check your child’s nails regularly and trim them straight across with no rounded edges.

If your child does develop a foot problem or complains of pain even if you don’t see an injury, contact our Spring Hill (352 683-5799) or Hudson (727-868-2128) office so that our podiatrist, Dr. Lawrence J. Kales, can examine your child’s feet and prescribe any necessary treatment.