Toenail Tips


At Pasco-Hernando Foot & Ankle, we know that toenails are not something most patients spend a lot of time thinking about. They are generally taken for granted until there’s a problem that is painful or unsightly. Below is some information to help keep nails healthy.

Nail Care Basics

Healthy toenails don’t require too much care. Wash your feet daily. Trim your nails straight across but don’t make them too short. Also avoid rounding the edges when cutting or filing. This can encourage the skin to grow over the nail and create an ingrown toenail. It’s also important to avoid socks and shoes that are too tight and squeeze the toes together as this can also force a nail to start to grow into the nail bed. File a jagged edge until smooth to avoid your toenail getting caught on something and causing an injury.

Signs of Trouble

Nails are susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. Skin cancers can also form under the toenail. Inspect your nails regularly. If you notice discoloration, unusual spots, thickening of the nails or crumbling on the edges, contact our Spring Hill (352 683-5799) or Hudson (727-868-2128) office so that our podiatrist, Dr. Lawrence J. Kales can examine your nails. If a fungal infection is present, we offer laser therapy to clear the infection and restore your toenail to its natural beauty.

Diabetic Services

Patients with diabetes require special nail care. It’s essential that diabetic patients avoid any risk of infection developing. Circulation problems associated with the disease make it difficult to control and heal infections which can lead to blood and bone infections and possibly amputation. We offer a full range of nail care services for diabetic patients.

If you have questions about taking care of your nails or have spotted something unusual on one of your toenails, don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment today.