Facts About Neuropathy


Neuropathy is another word for nerve damage. At Pasco-Hernando Foot & Ankle, we know that this condition can not only be uncomfortable, it can lead to serious injury or infection of your feet. Below are some facts about neuropathy and how to deal with it.

FACT: Symptoms of neuropathy can vary greatly. You may experience a loss of sensation in your feet or numbness. It can be quite painful with shooting pains in your feet. Tingling and burning are other feelings that can be signs of neuropathy.

FACT: Neuropathy can pose a significant risk beyond its immediate symptoms. Because some patients with this disorder are not able to accurately perceive the degree of pain they are experiencing, they may not notice a cut or other injury on their foot. Rashes and infections may also go undetected. If you have diabetes, this can be particularly dangerous as poor circulation (also associated with diabetes) can make it difficult for healing to occur. The loss of or abnormal sensations in your feet may also cause you to be off balance and trip or fall.

FACT: There are several possible causes of neuropathy. The most common one is diabetes. It is estimated that 60 to 70 percent of patients with this disease will develop neuropathy. Other possible sources of neuropathy include:

  • Heredity

  • Aging

  • Arthritis

  • Alcoholism

  • Some medications, including certain chemotherapy drugs

  • Injury

  • Neurological disorders such as fibromyalgia and spina bifida

FACT: If you have symptoms of neuropathy, it’s important that you make an appointment at our Spring Hill (352 683-5799) or Hudson (727-868-2128) office. Our podiatrist, Dr. Lawrence J. Kales, will want to get a complete medical history and know if you have diabetes or other symptoms of this disease. The foot doctor can perform a simple skin biopsy which will determine the concentration of small nerve fibers in your lower extremity to help diagnose neuropathy.

FACT: There is no cure for neuropathy, but the podiatrist will create a treatment plan for you that will be aimed at reducing the symptoms and decreasing discomfort. This may include nutritional supplements, medications, injection therapy or orthotics. Contact us for more information about neuropathy.