What is Causing Your Blisters

Waking up to feet full of blisters can be extremely painful. Not only are they red, swollen and sore but they can make putting on shoesvery difficult. Waking up with blisters virtually overnight is possible and here are some of the reasons you could be suffering from these painful bumps.

What is a Blister?

First, it is important to understand what a blister is. A blister is a small pocket of fluid that forms on an area of the body. They can vary in size and happen for numerous different reasons. Most commonly, blisters appear on the feet.


One of the most common reasons of blisters is friction. Walking and standing on your feet causes pressure. This pressure causes friction to occur on the feet which paired with moisture causes blisters.

  • The wrong pair of shoes can also cause blisters. Shoes that fit too tightly or too loosely allow for movement inside the shoe. This movement promotes friction which results in blisters.

  • Excess moisture or sweat also promotes blisters on the feet. The sweat clogs the pores of the sweat and can cause blisters to sprout.

If a foot becomes sunburnt it can cause it to painfully blister.

Other possible causes of blisters can be frostbite, allergic reactions, herpes, chicken pox, chemicals and fungal infection like athlete’s foot.


Picking or popping a blister might seem like a good idea but in reality, it can make it a whole lot worse. A picked or popped blister can become infected. Instead, leave the blister alone to harden and heal naturally. If it does not you may need to call your podiatrist to have it looked at.

How to Prevent Them

Preventing a blister all begins with being proactive. If you have a pair of shoes that fit incorrectly, trash them and buy a pair that fit correctly. If you have an excessively sweaty foot, see your podiatrist to help ease the sweat. A little proactive measure can go a long way.

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