Kids Can Suffer from Sports Injuries Too

Many children are engaged in before and after school activities as well as summer activities. These activities often consist largely of sports. Not only do sports keep kids happy and healthy, they also help to burn energy and teach structure and sportsmanship. Sports are a great past time for kids but sometimes they can have their downfalls. Just like any athlete, a child can fall victim to the pain and suffering of a sports injury. Here are some ways to be proactive and help your kids stay injury free this sports season.

Shoes that fit: Before sending your child off to their first day of training, be sure that they have the right type of shoe for the sport that they are playing in. These shoes should be made of good quality material and shoe fit your child’s foot properly. If your child runs on pavement be sure that the shoe you select has good shock absorption. If a child will be playing soccer or football, be sure to get them a set of cleats. If a child will partake in dance classes, make sure they are wearing ballet or other appropriate dance shoes.

Socks matter too: Socks that wick away moisture and allow the foot to breathe are often the best choice for children in sports. These types of socks will help to prevent moisture buildup which a prevent athlete’s foot and blisters.

Sports and Their Risks

  • Shoot Some Hoops: Common basketball injuries like ankle sprains, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis can be prevented by choosing a shoe with a thick sole which will help absorb the most shock.

  • Tennis: Buying flexible shoes will help tennis players, who bounce back and forth constantly, avoid overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.

  • Running around: Runners often are victims of blisters, heel pain, and shin splints. Buying a pair of shoes with good shock absorption, cushion and arch support will help stop these problems before they even begin.

  • Soccer: All cleats should have room to accommodate thick uniform socks without cramping the toes. If the toes feel cramped with socks try a half size up to prevent cramps, hammertoes, and bunions later on.

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