Ankle Sprains Require Prompt Attention


Did you know that as many as 80% of ankle sprains, if untreated, will result in prolonged symptoms and future ankle problems? At Pasco-Hernando Foot & Ankle, we use the latest technology to determine if there are stretched or torn ligaments, a dislocation or fracture so that we can accurately assess your injury and immediately start you on the correct rehabilitation.

The Reasons Not to Wait

The number one cause of chronic ankle pain and instability is a previous injury or injuries that were not rehabilitated properly and completely. An ankle sprain occurs when you suffer a twisting injury that overstretches the ligaments in your ankle. The initial symptoms include:

●        Pain

●        Swelling

●        Bruising

●        Stiffness and decreased range of motion

●        Difficulty bearing weight on the injured ankle

The tricky part of a sprain, however, is that pain is not the best gauge of healing or severity. Although ankle pain may be severe at first, it can decrease without treatment but that does not mean the ankle is fully healed. Many patients mistake this as a sign that they don’t need treatment. They resume their regular activities and thereby do more harm to their ankle. There are several medical risks associated with this including:

●        Chronic ankle weakness (a feeling that the ankle is going to “give way”) can develop as well as chronic pain and stiffness.

●        A more severe injury may have occurred along with the sprain—yes you can walk on a fractured ankle. Without an examination by our podiatrists, Lawrence J. Kales, DPM and Alexis Kreplick, DPM, there’s no way of knowing the full extent and full treatment necessary for your injury.

●        Rehabilitation of a sprained ankle needs to begin immediately for maximum effectiveness and proper healing. A “wait and see” approach to an ankle injury causes the patient to lose valuable days and weeks that could be used to heal the injury and prevent chronic problems down the road.

●        An increased risk for repeated injuries and the potential for arthritis to develop in the injured joint.

If you twist your ankle, it’s imperative that you make an appointment at our Spring Hill (352-683-5799) or Hudson (727-868-2128) office in the nature coast as soon as possible. Let us evaluate your injury and set your mind at ease with the treatment plan that’s right for your ankle.